We are ALPHARD EDUCATIONAL and we are coordinating two English Summer Camps in Romania. For 10 years, every summer (15th of June until 2nd-6th of September) we had and we still have a wonderful collaboration with Universities from Great Britain (Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Beckett University, Manchester University, London University, BIMM London University and also with students from University of Birmingham), with other universities in Europe (Italy, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal and Turkey), and also with AIESEC (a global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential. They are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national/social origin), and this year we are expanding the camps, and also we’d like to expand our team as well. Every summer we invite 40-50 students to work with us as English teachers or trainers as an alternative placement or to gain more experience in working with children and teens who speak English as a second language.

For volunteers

Voluntary Work Placements programs are typically 4-12 weeks duration – starting on 15th of June until the first week in September – and provide students / groups or students with an opportunity to gain teaching experience, improve management skills and enhance life skills through this experience, living with international students and attending social and cultural events and activities. Our organization offers the plane tickets (from most of the European capitals), the transfers from/to Bucharest to/from the camp, three meals a day, accommodation with the other students involved in the program and trips (see the schedule of the camp), free training for this placement and support during all the activities held in the camp … and a lot of fun.

The voluntary work placements can be for a duration up to 12 weeks on request. The application process is very simple and free of charge. The students have to send us a Covering Letter, a short CV and a copy/scan/photo of their passports (for the booking of their flights) at andreeasclub@yahoo.com . No prior experience is required as training is provided, only the wish to make a difference! The students will be trained here for all the activities we have in the camp.

Volunteering Opportunity / Alternative Placement

Why should I volunteer?

There are 10 reasons to do that:

10. It’s good for you – Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards.
9. Volunteers gain professional experience – You can test out your career or you can figure out what you’d like to do regarding your career.
8. Volunteering brings people together – As a volunteer you assist in building camaraderie and teamwork.
7. Volunteering strengthens the community – As a volunteer you can support families (day-care and elder care), improve schools (tutoring), support youth (mentoring), beautify the community.
6. You learn a lot – Volunteering you can learn and discover new talents that may change your life.
5. Volunteering makes you feel important – Volunteers are loved and cherished by the community.
4. Volunteering gives you self-esteem – It makes you feel useful.
3. Volunteering offers you the chance to meet people– know their traditions and lifestyle.
2. Volunteering gives you the chance to travel all over the world– have fun and interesting experiences.
1. You can make a difference – Every person counts!
… and we can offer you the possibility to do it all!
… so, if you want to make a difference, JOIN OUR FUNtasticTEAM!

For more information: andreeasclub@yahoo.com, ALPHARD EDUCATION & ANDREEA’S CLUB (on Facebook) and FUNtastic VOLUNTEERING (on Facebook)or FUNtastic VOLUNTEERING (on Instagram)

About the FUN…tastic VOLUNTEERING

The project provides an amazing all-expenses paid trip to Romania in return for your time teaching English! The camp provides an enjoyable experience for Romanian children to spend a week learning essential language skills run entirely by volunteers. The children are aged between 6 – 18 years old.
Volunteers are recruited from all over the world including England, Europe, America and many more countries and many return repeatedly as they enjoy the experience so much. The camp operates on a weekly schedule, Monday evening – Sunday morning and consists of English classes, sports, trips and fun activities such as face painting and discos. The children arrive on Monday and have a graduation ceremony on Sunday morning, then the whole process begins again the next day with the new arrivals.
We are seeking volunteers who are enthusiastic with a passion for working with children and young adults. No prior experience is required as training is provided. You will be expected to ensure that lessons are fun, using games and other creative activities to engage the children to improve their English. We are looking to recruit a group of 20 – 25 volunteers who can commit to a minimum of 4 weeks up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Person Specification


1. Good interpersonal social and communication skills
2. Time management and organization skills
3. Confidence & Assertiveness
4. Team working skills
5. Professional Attitude
6. Empathy
7. Flexibility

Travel and accommodation:

Our organization offers the plane tickets*, the transfers from/to Bucharest to/from the camp, three meals a day and, accommodation with the other students involved in the program and trips (see the schedule of the camp), free training for this placement and support during all the activities held in the camp.

*Plane tickets from London to Bucharest (and return) and transportation from Bucharest to / from the airport.


For more information: andreeasclub@yahoo.com, ALPHARD EDUCATION & ANDREEA’S CLUB (on Facebook) and FUNtastic VOLUNTEERING (on Facebook)or FUNtastic VOLUNTEERING (on Instagram)


When I first enquired about this camp, I had three main expectations: I thought it would be a good experience, I thought I’d make some friends and I thought I would have the chance to explore a new country. Volunteering as an English teacher was so much more than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t just have a good experience, I made memories and learned things about myself which will last a lifetime. I didn’t just make some friends, I became a part of one huge, caring family. And I didn’t just explore a new country, I found myself a second home.
I have been to the camp for 2 years, even loving it so much the first time that I just had to return later that same summer. I couldn’t keep away! As an English teacher you teach for around two hours a day, and having never taught before I was anxious about this. But Andreea and her wonderful team of supervisors have a book full of lesson resources to support you and help you plan your lessons. The Romanian supervisors themselves are entirely magical; they are all volunteering, many of them for the whole summer, and not only do they support you and translate for you in classes, but they’re also running the activities and making sure the days go smoothly. They are the most organized, helpful, creative, funny and welcoming bunch of people you will ever meet! Not to mention their amazing English. The student’s who come to the camp are so eager to learn and have fun, as a teacher you really feel like you’re making a difference.
Teaching is not the only aspect of coming to camp. You can get involved in all the activities; go to the pool, do some archery, play paintball, zipwire, the list is endless. There’s even a disco every night! And you do it all alongside the team of English teachers who become your best friends. Many of the English teachers I have met, I keep in touch with and see regularly and I cannot thank Andreea enough for bringing us all together through this camp. You make friends for life here. To top it all off the camp is in the most beautiful setting, with beautiful mountains, lakes and a wonderful town to explore. You have so much free time to enjoy the camp, that it doesn’t quite feel like you’re working at all!
Leah Hopkinson – UK
Hi! My name’s Daisy Whewell and I live in Manchester in England. This summer I spent 7 weeks volunteering as an English teacher in Bicaz Romania at the English is Fun..tastic summer camp.
Each week different kids come to the camp aged between 6 and 18, as an English teacher you get to decide which age group you want to teach and then you get to design your own lesson plans for your class each day. This is my second favourite thing about camp as you get the freedom to choose exactly what you want to teach your class and exactly the way in which you want to teach this.
My first favourite thing about the camp though is all the people you get to meet there. You meet so many different kids each week who are really eager to learn more English and continue to use the English they know. You also get to meet other English teachers who are there because they share the same passions as you, and you get to share different lesson ideas with each other. You also meet the Romanian supervisors who are there to help out around the camp and in your classes each day. And last but not least you will meet Andreea and her lovely family who are there for you every step of the way to help with whatever you need, whether it be with your classes or just to play funny card games! They’re great. They’re like my second family.
Hopefully this has given you an insight into why I really want to go back there next summer and also why that will then be my fifth summer teaching English there – it’s like my home away from home and I love it.
You get to go on lots of different trips whilst you’re in Romania. I think my favourite trip has to be paintballing, which I did for my first time at this camp. It’s pretty scary before you get out there but once you do it’s so much fun! It’s also great because you get to spend some time out of classes with the students from the camp and they’re all so keen to speak English with you which is lovely.
There is also a disco each night at the camp. It’s not just your average kids disco either – it’s amazing. With massive speakers, laser lights and smoke machines. You’ll learn different dances that you will do every night and the kids will learn these dances from you. But don’t worry if you can’t dance because I can’t either and it’s still one of my favourite things about camp. It’s incredible!
Daisy Whewell– UK
Traveling to Romania and working in this project has definitely been the best experience of my life. I met a lot of awesome people from Romania and from all around the world. I got to know more about Romanian culture and I really loved it! I would for sure visit Romania again when I have the chance! Thank you for this opportunity! Islam Ismail – Egypt
Hello! I am Maya Buha, 21, from Macedonia.I have to say that ENGLISH IS FUN…TASTIC!!! Camp was the best experience ever. First of all, I made friends for life there. It was the best summer for me. I can say that I grow up with the “English is fun…tactic!!!” team. I spent there 6 weeks, 6 different group ages and teaching all those kids was a real pleasure for me. Every day was a new experience. I learned who to love, live, smile, have fun and be able to help someone to learn English. Thanks for everything Tabara “English is fun…tastic!!!” and I’m sure that I will come again!
I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to AIESEC Bucharest and Alphard & Andreea’s Educational Centre for giving me such a unique chance to experience a real adventure last summer!
Can you imagine the whole world in one place; Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Macedonia, Georgia and Great Britain staying together in Romania? During such magical moments I bet each and every of us felt like a true world citizen. And not only did we explore other cultures, but also we explored ourselves better. Throughout the internship we had to meet our fears, try absolutely new things, go through challenges and finally become stronger and better versions of ourselves. Last but not the least thing I’d like to mention are the marvelous kids in the camp! Each week we got a new class with little angels and taught them some English by playing games, singing songs, talking about our countries and sharing happiness. And still, every time my students send me Facebook messages and share their thoughts with me, I feel so delighted. Romania turned out to be a fairy-tale and I hope to see my friends again once!
Mariia Volianyk – Ukraine
English is fun…tastic! After 2 consecutive summers, I love this camp and the people that come along with it. 3 weeks just wasn’t enough, so as soon as possible I changed my flight to stay until the last day of camp, and it was the best decision I had made. This camp has gave me so many new experiences, Originally I went to a country I had never been to before, but people there gave me the confidence and the reassurance to go out on my own for 3 weeks, and the second I got there I was greeted by such a friendly face. The whole camp made me feel welcome the second I got there until the moment I left. I have made friendships that will last a life time. I really cannot recommend this camp enough, I love it so much in my first year I introduce my friend and took him out with me and he had an incredible time to the point he’s already talking about next year. If you get the opportunity, please, do make every effort to go to Romania! English is fun…tastic is every bit of what it says in the tin!! Lucy Reany, UK

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